IRMA K DESIGNS is a one-person studio. Its creative directors, account managers, and senior/junior designers are rolled into one person (me). I apply the same philosophy to design as I do to life — reduce noise, make it clear, and keep it simple.

Reduce noise doesn’t mean make it boring. Noise in design, as in life, is something unnecessary and distractive from the real value. Quality vs. quantity.

Make it clear doesn’t mean dumb it down. A lot of information is competing for attention. You get 10–20 seconds to be noticed. Be smart! Find the most concise way to convey your message.

Keep it simple is not the same as keep it plain. Think of Audrey Hepburn’s little black dress. Sophisticated + Elegant.

Choosing a Designer. My advice to a client: find a local designer whose work you like and stick with him/her for all your design needs. That way your business identity will stay consistent and recognizable.

My Work Process. I believe in collaboration and respect between the people who came together to solve a design problem. I ask many questions, listen diligently, and only then offer a solution. Please look through my website to get an idea of what I consider noiseless, clear and simple.

My Education. I have a Preschool Education degree from my native country of Lithuania. I received a B.A. in Fine Arts at Clark University (Worcester, MA) and a Masters degree in Professional Communication (Clark). The most important stuff in life I learned from observing, listening, and questioning.